Welcome to our community!

A space for community health practitioners to collaborate and learn



The International Institute for Primary Health Care-Ethiopia (IPHC-E) and the Community Health Academy at Last Mile Health share a vision for advancing strong, flexible and proactive community-based primary healthcare systems. To support this vision, the Academy and the IPHC-E launched this community of practice to foster shared learning, facilitate information exchange, document tacit knowledge, provide upskilling opportunities, and build a network of leaders and practitioners in community-based primary healthcare.



We welcome all individuals working to advance positive change in community-based primary healthcare systems! Members may be:

  • In a position of leadership within government, their community, an implementing organization, funder agency, or other organization.
  • Involved in steering the planning and design of community health systems, mobilizing resources for community health, or aligning stakeholders across sectors (e.g., finance, labor and workforce, education).
  • Leading the implementation and management of large-scale community health programs, planning and overseeing program operations, anticipating and managing implementation challenges, or coordinating with stakeholders at the subnational level, and ensuring quality control and improvement. 
  • Providing direct service delivery within a community-based primary health care system.
  • In the early stages of building their career in community health systems strengthening.